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  1. You agree to be bound to these Terms of Use each time you access or use our website, products, services, information or any data within them (collectively, the Products).
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  6. You agree and warrant that you will not overburden, damage, impair the performance of, or interfere with the Products, including by way of any denial-of-service, distributed denial-of-service attack or by any other method.
  7. You indemnify and hold us and our directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors from and against any loss, damage, claims, liability, cost or expense (including legal fees) incurred in connection with a breach of the warranties in clauses 3 – 6 of these Terms of Use.
  8. We take reasonable care regarding the accuracy of the Products. However, we do not warrant, guarantee or make any representation about the accuracy of our Products and the data contained within them, nor that they are of any particular quality or that they are suitable for any particular purpose. Our Products are provided to you “as is” and on an “as available” basis, and on the condition that you assume responsibility for assessing the accuracy of the information and rely on it at your own risk. We recommend that you verify and cross-reference the data within our Products to ensure your use of our Products meets your needs and requirements. You acknowledge that we are not liable for any losses incurred which may be wholly or partly caused by any inaccuracy, omission, defect or error in the Products or information or data contained therein.
  9. All intellectual property (including copyright) in relation to our Products remains our property. You obtain no right, title or interest in or to our intellectual property when you use our Products.
  10. We have no responsibility or liability in relation to any direct or indirect loss or damage that you incur from the use of our Products including where you have not appropriately assessed the accuracy of the data within our Products.
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