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We know that there are other betting review sites online, but My Betting Mate isn’t here to just make up the numbers.

We’re not like the others – and you’ll only need to take a quick around our platform to understand why.

Many review sites focus on the big corporate bookmakers that you could easily find yourself. But with our expertise in the market, we know that there are many independent local online bookmakers that are hidden gems.

Our goal is to provide you with expert, honest, and in-depth information so you can make the very best betting choices. This means taking a look at all betting sites, including the smaller, family-operated sportsbooks that don’t splash out on expensive commercial TV and Radio campaigns.

We believe that punters should be able to connect with the best bookies, not just the sites that can spend lots of money on marketing adverts. We’re here to level the playing field, giving you unbiased and accurate information about all of the betting sites, big or small.

Who We Are

We’ve got a diverse range of talent in our team, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for sports and real-life knowledge of sports betting.

We believe there’s no substitute for experience, and every member of our team brings a wealth of expertise to the My Betting Mate platform.

We have some of the top betting experts in Australia, plus local and international sports betting writers. Together, we bring you the latest betting site info, important industry news, and unbiased reviews of bookmakers.

How We Work

My Betting Mate is a free service that all Australian punters can use, giving you a full range of betting news, reviews, and information.

We work hard to make sure that all the bookmakers are fairly represented. This means providing honest reviews of the smaller, independent betting sites as well as the large corporate bookmakers.

All of the information we provide on this platform is unbiased, accurate, and honest, so you can make the best choices based on fact, not fiction.

There are no VIP areas and no charges to access our service. Everything will always be completely free for betting fans to use.

You’ll find a variety of different sections at My Betting Mate, including bookmaker reviews, recommendations, news and resources. We strive to bring you all of the hottest news and information from the world of sports betting with no agenda, bias or preferential treatment.

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