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PuntCity Review

Navigating around PuntCity gives the feeling of stepping into a lively world where the vibrant spirit of Miami meets the thrill of betting. PuntCity embodies a dynamic and unique theme. The website’s design is visually engaging with its neon pink and blue hues and is easy to navigate. These features enhance users’ experience, appealing to both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Launched in 2023 and operating from Australia, PuntCity offers a more vibrant, direct and userfriendly betting experience. PuntCity captures the lively atmosphere of Miami in the world of betting. The online betting sector is often filled with platforms cluttered with complex features, unlike PuntCity, which offers a simple and engaging approach. When selecting racing and major sports markets, this philosophy comes in handy, catering particularly to Australian preferences.

PuntCity offers a modern flair and is simple to use for those seeking a betting journey that is both lively and free from distraction.

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly interface
  • Broad selection of sports
  • Fast signup
  • No live streaming
  • Few banking methods
  • No live betting
  • Betting Variety
  • Mobile Experience
  • Payment Options
  • Betting Experience
  • Customer Support
  • Overall Experience
Overall Rating

Website Screenshots

How to place a bet (guide)

PuntCity is a bookmaker in Australia, launched in 2023. This bookmaker is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. To start engaging in betting a player has to register to open an account on PuntCity. You will be required to verify your identity during the registration process due to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations which PuntCity adheres to.

To start, visit the PuntCity website on your browser. Locate the registration or signup button, which is normally found at the top of the page. Click on it to begin the registration process. In case of a problem, PuntCity offers customer support through live chat to help you navigate. However, the registration process is straightforward and can be completed online without any assistance.

Input your personal details where required by following the prompts to create your account. PuntCity may try to verify your identity through electronic features. Once your account is set up and funds are deposited, you are set to start your betting journey.

On the website navigate the different sports or markets to find what you are interested in betting on. The markets on PuntCity are organised efficiently for easy browsing just like most bookmakers. Upcoming events are found highlighted on the homepage or through a designated section.

To view the available options click on the market or event you want to bet on. The odds provided will be displayed, and you can select the odds you want to accept. The betting slip is triggered to appear on the screen by this action, normally on the right hand side.

Before continuing, ensure that you are logged into your PuntCity account. In the betting slip, select the amount you want to stake. Based on your odds and stake, PuntCity will automatically calculate the potential winnings.

Before clicking on “Place Bet”, double-check to confirm the details on the betting slip are as desired. It is important to carefully review all details because once a bet is placed, it cannot be cancelled or edited.

Following these procedures, you can easily place bets on PuntCity and enjoy the excitement of betting responsibly.

PuntCity App

For both Android and iOS, PuntCity provides an engaging mobile betting experience for users. Android users can also download the PuntCity app directly from the google playstore in addition to having access through the mobile web browser. This ensures that Android users have unlimited and convenient access to betting markets, promotions and other features through the app.

The PuntCity app for iOS and Android has a sleek design and user-friendly interface. Through the mobile app, users can enjoy all the functionality of the PuntCity platform, which includes claiming promotions and placing bets.

You can log in to the PuntCity website and the mobile app if you already have an account. This ensures that users of PuntCity have a continued betting experience across different devices. With just a few taps on your smartphone you can enjoy the thrill of sport betting anytime and anywhere through the PuntCity app available for both iOS and Android users.


PuntCity Racing

PuntCity supports responsible gambling with initiatives like deposit limits and self-exclusion options, contributing to a secure betting environment. PuntCity flourishes in the racing sphere, presenting a broad range of betting opportunities across:

Harness Racing: Includes significant races in Australia and New Zealand, among others. Greyhound Racing: Provides betting options for domestic and international greyhound races.

Thoroughbred Racing: Features races from Australia’s renowned tracks and international events.

The bookmaker makes sure that each racing category incorporates a diversity of bet types. These include direct win and place bets to the more intricate exotics, ensuring that every racing enthusiast is satisfied.

PuntCity Sports

PuntCity provides a variety of sports betting, catering to fans of both niche and mainstream sports.The platform’s sports betting lineup includes:

  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis, among others

PuntCity Betting

PuntCity bridges the gap between racing aficionados and sports enthusiasts by providing bettors with a wide selection of betting markets. PuntCity offers a broad and accessible betting experience, whether you are engaged in casual betting on a favourite sport or delving into the detailed aspect of racing.

PuntCity Live Betting and Streaming

PuntCity does not offer live betting or streaming.PuntCity does not offer live betting or streaming.

Using the platform

PuntCity impresses with its modern website and vibrant mobile app design, prioritising userfriendliness and visual appeal. The intuitive layout ensures effortless navigation, allowing bettors to easily access their preferred sports and racing markets, manage their accounts, and find customer support.

Emphasising speed and clarity, the website facilitates quick bet placements, enhancing the user experience during peak betting times. Moreover, the mobile-optimised design guarantees a seamless betting experience across devices, reflecting PuntCity’s commitment to a top-tier digital betting platform.

Through a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, PuntCity’s website and mobile app interface caters adeptly to both novice and seasoned bettors, underscoring the platform’s focus on user-centric design principles.

PuntCity Fantasy

PuntCity does not offer fantasy sports betting.

PuntCity Bonus

PuntCity offers bonuses such as referral bonuses, deposit bonuses, and bonuses for frequent use. However, players have to check directly with PuntCity’s website or app to see the specific bonuses being offered at the moment.

PuntCity Promotions

PuntCity stands out for its vibrant array of promotions, significantly enhancing the betting experience across sports and racing. These promotions, designed exclusively for users who are logged in, provide a customised and secure way to benefit from special offers.

With a keen eye on the latest sports events and racing seasons, PuntCity ensures its promotional offerings are always current and appealing.

The platform’s commitment to regularly updating its promotions creates a dynamic and engaging betting environment, showcasing its dedication to appreciating loyal customers with fresh and enticing incentives. This strategy enriches the betting atmosphere, offering bettors ample opportunities to enhance their betting journey with diverse and attractive promotional deals.

PuntCity Esports

PuntCity does not provide esports betting.

PuntCity Casino

Just like other Australian bookmakers, PuntCity does not offer online casino betting as it is prohibited by the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

PuntCity Features

PuntCity offers a range of standout features that enhance the betting experience. These featuresinclude:

Same Game Multi: PuntCity’s innovative Same Game Multi feature allows punters to combine multiple bets within a single event across various sports like AFL, NRL, and NBA. This user-friendly tool enables easy customisation of bets, enhancing overall engagement.

Cash Out: PuntCity’s Cash Out feature empowers players with risk management capabilities, allowing for assured profits or minimise potential losses by cashing out bets before the event concludes.

Live Chat Support: With its efficient live chat feature, PuntCity ensures prompt resolution of any queries or issues, providing convenient customer support directly on the platform.

First Past the Post: PuntCity’s incorporation of the “First Past the Post” payout system guarantees seamless payouts for races, alleviating concerns about post-race disputes impacting winnings.


Australian Communications and Media Authority
Victorian Bookmakers’ Association
Victoria Racing Club
Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission
Northern Territory Racing Commission
ABN: 72 665 371 808

PuntCity provides a secure and safe platform to place bets on all the biggest races and leagues all over the world. The platform is licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. To enhance its high level of trustworthiness and security, PuntCity strictly complies with Australian regulatory standards. These security measures ensure users are not prone to any risk in the betting environment. Regardless of the platform's theme being lively and vibrant, its security measures are high and unwavering.
Within the betting industry, these security practices make PuntCity safe and highly reliable.

Payment Methods

Deposit Methods

  • Visa CardInstant
  • Master CardInstant
  • Credit / Debit CardInstant

Compared to some other Australian bookmakers, the range of payment modes available for deposits is relatively limited. The payment
methods accepted on PuntCity are MasterCard, Visa, Debit and credit cards. Some players may not be used to these limited payment methods, especially those who prefer e-wallets or bank transfer as an alternative payment option.

The fact that PuntCity solely relies on Mastercard, credit, Visa and Debit cards may pose potential challenges in the future. The use of credit cards for betting purposes could be restricted if expected changes in Australian federal law are passed. PuntCity may need to adopt more payment methods to accommodate players' preferences and comply with regulations effectively if such legislation is enacted.

PuntCity offers a low minimum deposit requirement of $1 AUD despite the limited payment options. Other bookmakers require a higher amount, making this an attractive feature in PuntCity for punters who prefer to place bets with smaller sums of money.

The low minimum deposit can be appealing to certain bettors, shadowing the disadvantage of limited payment methods at PuntCity. To ensure continued accessibility and compliance with evolving industrial standards, PuntCity may need to consider exploring more payment options in anticipation of potential regulatory changes.

Withdrawal Methods

  • EFT / Bank Transfer48-72 hours

PuntCity options for withdrawing winnings are very limited, with bank transfer being the only method available. This is common in the betting industry, even though one withdrawal method may not be ideal for some players.

The minimal withdrawal limit at PuntCity is $1 AUD, which is the same as for making deposits. This is an advantage for players who prefer to withdraw smaller sums of money since they don't need to wait for their winnings to accumulate before making a withdrawal.

PuntCity ensures timely delivery of funds through processing withdrawals daily at a set time. The rapid processing time is convenient for players who wish to have access to their winnings promptly.

PuntCity ensures accessibility and convenience for players with the low minimum withdrawal limit and daily processing despite having limited withdrawal options.

Customer Support

  • Live Chat

PuntCity @ A Glance

  • Founded on

  • Headquarters

  • Owners

    PCity Pty Ltd
  • Odds Provider

  • Game Types

    Sportbook, Racing
  • Betting functions

    Multi Betting, Race & Sports Betting, Same Game/Race Multi, Racing, Sports, Cashout, Phone Betting
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